Vacuum Tools

NEK Tool factory has extensive expertise in vacuum tools. With more than 25 years of experience, NEK Toolkit manages tools for mass production - from very small items, over packaging tools, and up to major technical articles of 1500 x 2000 mm.

Well-trained staff, with unique knowledge in all areas, as well as a modern and "well-stocked" machine park, ensure that the quality of tools manufactured by NEK Toolkit is one of the best industries to deliver.

Tool types for vacuum and thermoform

NEK Tool Factory manufactures all types of vacuum and thermoform tools. Just from tools with many cavities to large 1 cavity tools. All in all, NEK Værøjsfabrik is one of the leaders in the market, providing tools for the whole of Europe.

  • Ordinary vacuum tools
  • High-tech vacuum tools
  • High-pressure tools
  • Twinsheet

Ordinary vacuum tools

High-tech vaccum tools

High-pressure tools

Twinsheet tools

Deep draw tools

Deep draw tools (gas package)

Sealings tools

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